UPDATE: G8 Camp David
and NATO Chicago Protests

UPDATE: G8 Camp David and NATO Chicago Protests
by Sue Basko


UPDATE MAY 6, 2012
from NYC, LA, Oakland, and other cities.

UPDATE MAY 4, 2012 
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UPDATE: APRIL 28, 2012
According to news reports, Chicago police will not enforce the Illinois Eavesdropping Law during the NATO Summit in Chicago.  This means live streamers are free to record audio with their video without fear of prosecution under the eavesdropping law.  Please see this news article at the NorthWest Times. This is great news, since many streamers are expected to show up at the summit and protests.

G8 CAMP DAVID: Protests are being held May 18 – 19 in Frederick, Maryland, the second largest city in Maryland.  Occupy Frederick is organizing the protests to be legal, peaceful and non-confrontational.  Please respect this.  Planning is ongoing and help is welcome. Groups that plan to attend should act now to get in on the planing. If you would like to be in on the planning or plan to bring a group, email me and I will connect you to the right people.    OccupyPeace@gmail.com   

CLICK HERE FOR detailed G8 Camp David May 18-19 PROTEST SCHEDULE  

Want an inside look at Camp David? See  this blog: ABOUT CAMP DAVID

The parks surrounding Camp David will be closed during the G8.  Some camping has been arranged elsewhere.  Again, email.  Since Frederick is a major city, there are also plenty of hotels.
Friday, May 18 is an Economic Forum planned by Occupy DC in conjunction with Occupy Frederick.  Saturday, May 19 is a family-friendly block party with music, information, etc.
As information becomes finalized, I will post it here and it will also appear on this site: http://www.occupyg8-2012.org/

The main protest is on Sunday, May 20, starting at noon.  This is a legal, permitted, insured, family-friendly, safe protest event. Please respect this.  It has taken many people a great deal of hard work and great expense to put this event together - so please respect it.

Sunday May 20 Schedule:
12 noon -  RALLY in Grant Park by Petrillo Bandshell.  This is in downtown Chicago one and a half blocks east of Michigan Avenue, between Monroe Street and Jackson Drive.  

1:45 PM - 4:00 PM  – MARCH kicks off after the rally.  This is a fast 3 mile march that takes 2 hours and 15 minutes.  The march will be in the street on a designated route and no off-shoots or detours will be allowed. The march heads toward McCormick Place, which is patrolled by the US Secret Service, which  has said it will have snipers, drones, etc.  Please be aware.  The march is planned to be peaceful, lawful, permitted, and family-friendly.  Please help keep it that way.

7 PM  new indoor location please email if interested World Indie Media First Amendment Event for live streamers, youtubers, bloggers, indie radio and TV, podcasters, indie filmmakers, indie music, indie writers, photographers, etc.  This is not a protest, but a First Amendment gathering. IF YOU WISH TO HELP OR ATTEND,  PLEASE EMAIL: OccupyPeace@gmail.com


Where to Stay:  Chicago has no Occupy camp and there is no place to set up a camp in Chicago.  Some people not from Chicago have posted about camping in Chicago, but this is pure fantasy.  There is no place anywhere near Chicago to camp.  There is, however, a fantastic all-ages hostel right downtown.  You will need a reservation. There are group rates.  The hostel serves free breakfast and has a kitchen and social rooms.   If you plan to cook in the kitchen, there is a Jewel Foods, which is a big grocery store, about 4 blocks south of the hostel on Roosevelt and State.

There are also hundreds of hotels in all price ranges. I strongly suggest you stay actually in the downtown area bounded by Lake Michigan on the east, Franklin Street to the west, Congress to the south and Division Street to the north.  Some Public transportation to the south may be cut off during the summit, so you are best to stay downtown or north of it.

Chicago Police: I have heard stories about Chicago from people who obviously know nothing about it.  Chicago police are very friendly and have a commitment to facilitating protest.  They will usually be very present, but they lay back and do not bother people.  However, they will not tolerate any going in the street or “taking” a street at an unpermitted protest.  Also, they will not tolerate any form of property damage or vandalism, throwing anything, acting rowdy, or going where you don't belong.  Neither will people from Chicago tolerate any such things.  I have been told that holding tents are being erected on the grounds of Cook County Jail, for use for protest arrestees.  To be blunt – if you don’t follow the law in Chicago, you will end out spending your trip in one of those tents.  There are lots of fun and interesting things to do in Chicago, and I hope you choose to do those things instead.  

Transportation: You don't need a car in Chicago downtown area.  If you fly into Midway, you take the Orange Line CTA train downtown. If you fly into O'Hare, you take the Blue Line CTA train downtown.  These trains are connected into the airports, though hearty walking is involved.

Bikes: While downtown, you walk or might take any train or bus line or hail a cab.  A bike is also great and there are bikes for rent. THIS PLACE rents bikes, skates, etc. and does Segway and bike tours. THIS PLACE also rents bikes.  In Chicago downtown, you'll see lots of groups touring on Segways, people riding carriage-style bikes that hold four people, groups of skateboarders, and bikes.

Eating: Chicago downtown is full of thousands of places to eat at all price ranges.  Great food in lower price ranges can be found at Subway, Cafe Baci, Panera, Corner Bakery, hundreds of other places.  As a Chicago tradition, most places post a menu outside so you can check prices and selection.


Occupy Chicago – outdoor day time HQ is Lasalle and Jackson, but only when an actual gathering has been called.  Indoor HQ is at 500 West Cermak. Occupy Chicago has never had a camp.

MultiKulti – 1000 North Milwaukee. Indie Media Center that can be used by people coming for protest.  Also has drum circles, jam sessions, events.

Chicago Cultural CenterMichigan Avenue, entrances on Randolph Street and Washington Street.  Randolph Street entrance has Visitors Center with maps, brochures, and helpful people.  


G8 Protest Schedule May 18 - 19, Frederick, MD

 G8 Camp David Protest Schedule May 18- 19, 2012 Frederick, Maryland

Click to see Update info on G8 Camp David and NATO Chicago Protests

Want an inside look at Camp David? Visit this blog:  ABOUT CAMP DAVID  

Occupy G8 Peoples’ Summit
May 18, 2012
Community Room, C. Burr Artz Public Library
110 E. Patrick Street, Frederick, Maryland

The “Occupy G8 Summit for the People” is an alternative to the G8 that will have speakers (see agenda below) discuss the effect of concentrated wealth on global public policy, the effects of wealth inequality on peoples' well-being and alternative economic structures that would close the wealth divide and create a more democratic, sustainable economy. The Summit will include time for hearing the voices of the 99% who will be in attendance.  The public and the press are invited.

This summit will discuss how to:
-          Build the international economy from the bottom up, not the top down.
-          Highlight the wealth divide that undermines the foundation of the economy and corrupts political decision-making.
-          Increase the minimum wage, end poverty and reduce debt to provide a stronger foundation on which to build a new sustainable economy.
-          Institute a Robin Hood Tax on the purchase of stocks, bonds and derivatives.
-          Build a new economy that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.
-          Build wealth at the base by encouraging worker owned co-ops and other democratized economic institutions; and by turning corporate welfare into taxpayer investment where everyone profits from the investment by the commonwealth, not just the corporate owners.
-          Recognize that we all share a common destiny and that even the wealthiest require the commonwealth in order to increase their riches.


10:00 am – Welcome
Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, co-directors, ItsOurEconomy.US and organizers for October2011.org/OccupyWashington, DC

10:10 am –Global Wealth Inequality
Sam Pizzigati, Too Much
Brooke Harper, Global Trade Watch
Jeremy Weyl, JubileeUSA

11:10 am –Creating a Global Economy Based on Sustainable Resources
Brent Blackwelder, former executive director Friends of the Earth and Steady State
Ruth Caplan,Campaign for Global Water Watch and Alliance for Democracy
Alexis Baden-Mayer, Organic Consumers Association

12:10 pm – Break

12:20 pm –Building a New Economy from the Bottom Up
Rob Kall, Editor of OpEd News and Bottom Up Radio Show
James Riker, University of Maryland and co-facilitator of 2010 G20 Civil Society Dialogue
Emily Kawano, Solidarity Economy Network and Center for Popular Economics
Lisa Stolarski, The National Cooperative Business Alliance

1:30 – Reception


Saturday :

BLOC PARTY :  Music, Workshops, Games, Food, Free Market other activities all day.

RALLY -speakers & time to be determined. ( time will be subject to participants leaving to go Chicago )

Camping will be available on private property. At least 100 tents at this point.

Chicago Spring #TakeTheSpring

At the hearing for the NATO protest permit.

Andy Thayer at the hearing.

Performers at Chicago Spring Freedom Stage.

The park easily holds 300,000+.
That's Petrillo Bandshell in the background.

They stayed in character the whole time!

Across the street at Millennium Park.

Across the street at Millenium Park. 

Chicago Landscaping is the best.

A play about economic injustice.

Dancers and drummers.

NLG Green Hats.

Art made of used bullets.

Vermin Supreme

Dancers with the Anti-Eviction Coalition.

The Wishing Tree.

Making an announcement.

The Wishing Tree

Bubbles and Reiki practitioner

At The Horse.

Dancing and drums by The Horse.

In Line for Dinner at The Horse.