OCCUPY SYMPOSIUM - essays by Occupy participants on the use of livestreams

This blog is written by Sue Basko, a lawyer for independent media  in California and Illinois.  Sue has many years of experience in community organizing and activism.  She was one of the first media activists and is also a very experienced TV and Video producer/ director.  Sue recently provided consulting assistance to an OSCE- ODIHR (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights), an international Human Rights organization studying and monitoring human rights at protests in the U.S., including the protests for NATO held in Chicago and Maryland, and of the Occupy protests in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

The Occupy Peace blog was created to give legal and practical information specifically to Occupy protests that want to conduct their activities in a legal and peaceful way.   Dozens of Occupy sites in the U.S.  and worldwide have now shared the information.  The blog draws readers from all over the world, checking in to understand the law and workings of protest in the U.S.

Protesting and peaceable assembly are our rights under the U.S. Constitution.  This blog aims to take the mystery and fear out of exercising those rights.  When you have lots of good information, you have the tools you need to make good decisions.

Sue is a lawyer for independent media, working with independent musicians, filmmakers, journalists, recording studios, record labels, website owners, photographers, writers, designers, clothing designers, and others.  
She writes a popular blog about music law and other topics, which you can see at:

Sue has a Juris Doctorate magna cum laude from Southern Illinois University, has completed all coursework for a Master of Arts in Mass Community Media Arts at Southern Illinois University, and a B.A. in Film and Video from Columbia College Chicago.  She has Continuing Legal Education in Internet Law, Music Law, Social Media Law, Computer Forensics, Trademark and Patent Law, and much more.

Contact Email: OccupyPeace@gmail.com

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