Chicago Spring #TakeTheSpring

At the hearing for the NATO protest permit.

Andy Thayer at the hearing.

Performers at Chicago Spring Freedom Stage.

The park easily holds 300,000+.
That's Petrillo Bandshell in the background.

They stayed in character the whole time!

Across the street at Millennium Park.

Across the street at Millenium Park. 

Chicago Landscaping is the best.

A play about economic injustice.

Dancers and drummers.

NLG Green Hats.

Art made of used bullets.

Vermin Supreme

Dancers with the Anti-Eviction Coalition.

The Wishing Tree.

Making an announcement.

The Wishing Tree

Bubbles and Reiki practitioner

At The Horse.

Dancing and drums by The Horse.

In Line for Dinner at The Horse.