Scoop: Doxbin Arrested

Scoop: Doxbin Arrested
reported by Susan Basko

Note: We've been contacted by someone using name "Nachash," who wanted to let us know she or he was not arrested.  This article does not mention anyone by that name.  
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According to highly reliable sources, Doxbin has been arrested.  As it turned out, Doxbin was three Finnish teens ages 15 - 16.  The case is being handled by the FBI and Finnish authorities.

Doxbin was the name of a criminal enterprise that urged the public to put personal information of the victims onto a website and also onto a tor node.  This is called "doxing."  The information that was gathered and posted opened the victims to further crimes, such as stalking, assault, assassination,   rape, robbery,  credit card fraud, bank account hijacking, and many other such crimes.  Doxbin opened up onto a Twitter account, which provided a link to the site and a portal to the tor.  Although the account was suspended several times, Twitter kept allowing it back on.  The last Twitter handle was @therealdoxbin, which is now suspended.

 Many of the participants in the crimes, who placed information onto Doxbin, appeared to be Americans, as did many of the victims.  It is unclear at this time if the Doxbin co-conspirators, people who posted materials of others onto Doxbin, are being pursued for arrest.

Doxbin was one of several websites that engage in extortion and endangerment of others.  These websites are used by the attackers to stalk, bully and harm others.  These acts are felonies under US federal law as well as under the laws of various states. 

The investigation into Doxbin has been ongoing for at least several  months.  In addition, numerous individuals in the public were trying to discover the identity of Doxbin.  That Doxbin was three people, rather than one, came as a surprise.