Psy-Ops/ Troll Tactics

Psy-Ops / Troll Tactics
bag of tricks
by Sue Basko

The psy-ops/ trolls/ contractors whose job it is to mess with activists have reached into an advanced bag of tricks.  Their online tricks go far past the usual discrediting, name-calling and stalking.

The internet has given psy-ops a whole new set of opportunities - they can work from anywhere, they can have dozens or even hundreds of identities at once, they can use persona management software to run their different identities, one identity can have multiple operators, other identities can be used as a swarm of others who "agree" with the offensive psy-op identity.   Also, online services such as Twitter have shown themselves to be so lax in protecting users that it can be assumed they are, if not in league with government contractors that harass, at least acquiescing to their destructive tactics.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL THE PSY-OPS TACTICS LISTED ARE CRIMINALLY ILLEGAL, as well as being immoral and unethical.   Also, if these acts are done by government or contractor psy-ops, there is absolutely nothing in law that allows these sort of tactics to be used against the people.  But, as many have noted, our government is now doing many things that are illegal and unconstitutional.  Sad, but true.

Sadly, these same kind of malicious online tactics have led to a steady stream of suicides, mostly of high school or college students who have been cyberstalked.  It is such a shame that stalking/ trolling/ psy-ops is not dealt with quicker and more harshly.   I think this sort of online stalking is allowed because the government and its contractors want it to be easy for themselves to use.  The government bought the persona management software; they intend to keep using it.

Two activist journalists that complained of being harassed are including Barrett Brown and Michael Hastings.  Julian Assange's mother is constantly harassed by troll accounts.  From the left to the right, activists and activist journalists are being harassed or psy-oped.

Whenever I see any of the activities listed below, I assume the person is being paid to act maliciously, or that they are direly mentally disturbed and socially rotten.  There is no other suitable explanation.

Here's some of the stuff I've noticed lately:

FAKE EMAILS: The psy-op creates an email account with your name  and emails people as if you.  

FAKE EMAILS 2: The psy-op creates an email account with the name of someone you know, trust, and deal with regularly, and emails you strange things, trying to confuse you.

FAKE DOCUMENTS, FAKE-HACKED: The psy-op creates fake documents or emails, posts these onto Pastebin or some such place, claiming these are real documents or emails that were hacked by them or that were passed to them. Then the psy-ops tweets out links to the fake document, claiming it is by you.  Remember, he who smelt it, dealt it.  If someone is posting links to such things, that person very most likely also created the thing they are posting.

FAKE HACKING:  The psy-op says their twitter account has been hacked, and then starts posting tweets supposedly by the hacker.   They use a secondary account where they claim to be struggling to get their account back.  While the account is "hacked," they post things that are supposedly written by the hacker, raid their own contacts list, etc.

POSTING PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE: The psy-op posts emails or messages that were sent privately to them.  Why do they do
this?  To prove they are not trustworthy.  Who wants to be viewed as untrustworthy?  Weirdos and creeps.  Not sure how they think this gives them any points, or with whom.  Perhaps they are getting points from other trolls or psy-ops?  If you see a person posting private correspondence publicly, this is a sure way to know the person is either a paid psy-op or an untrustworthy, unprofessional person best to avoid. 

FAKE PHOTOS:  The psy-op posts photos and claims it is someone it is not.  Why? Just to cause confusion and mistrust, it seems.  

EMAILS WITH ILLEGAL CONTENT:  Some psy-op has been sending emails containing child porn to activists, in an attempt to entrap them.  READ MORE HERE.  This is desperately malicious.   Another variant is malware that pops up on a person's computer claiming the person has viewed child pornography and must agree to pay a fee to avoid prosecution. This is totally fake and illegal. 

RETWEETING TWEETS of others excessively, or from accounts that have you blocked.  This is an old type of harassment technique.  It's a form of stalking.  It is like the old child trick of repeating everything the other person says.  A person doing such things is either mentally ill or a paid psy-op.   

STALKING ON FACEBOOK and copying the person's posts and posting them elsewhere.  This is a form of stalking/ harassment.

FAKE PEOPLE:  Vicious trolls create fake personas who develop relationships with their target victims.  This has been an elaborate trick engaged in by psychopaths, made much easier by the internet.   There have been news stories of young victims who were "in love" with a fake boyfriend or girlfriend who suddenly dumps them.  Sadly, these fake identities have usually been created by adults trying to harm the young person.  Do psy-ops operatives also engage in long term relationships with their victims by pretending to be an interested friend or lover?  Possibly.  There have been hints at several such stories online.

STALKING OTHER PEOPLES' WEPAY ACCOUNTS:  If  a person or activity asks for donations, you either donate or you don't.  It is a sign of a psy-op or troll to post complaints against the person.   Many such complaints come from people who continuously stalk others. If there is a situation where you have actually purchased something that you have not received, that is one thing.  However, if you are making it your business to mind other peoples' financial business, you are most likely a stalker, troll, or psy-op.