Heads Up! RNC and DNC Info for Occupiers, Protesters, and Indie Journalists!

Heads Up! RNC and DNC Info for Occupiers, Protesters, and Indie Journalists!
by Sue Basko

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THIS WAS IN 2012.  

July 2012. The upcoming big events are the Republican National Convention (RNC) and the Democratic National Convention (DNC).  

RNC is August 27-30 Tampa, Florida at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. 

DNC is September 3-6 in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Time Warner Cable Arena.  The DNC final day will be held at the Bank of America Stadium.

INDIE JOURNALISTS: It is too late to apply for press credentials for inside the conventions.  Read the ridiculous rules on that here:  http://radiotv.house.gov/conventions.shtml and here: http://www.senate.gov/galleries/daily/

 The RNC had some “Special Press” spots open, but the deadline has passed for that also: http://www.gopconvention2012.com/news/credentials/   The DNC press creds date is also long past: http://www.demconvention.com/press/medialogistics/

 According to this article, journalists can expect to possibly be arrested outside the RNC:    http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/journalists-police-working-out-ground-rules-for-gop-convention-in-tampa/1232602 

INDIE JOURNALISTS who dodge arrest seem to: dress decently but don’t dress up, blend in, don’t ask the police questions or argue with them, know when to get out of the way, move around a lot, stay with a partner or small group.

SIGNAL BLOCK: Some indie journalists think their cell signal is being blocked.  This can be done with cell phone jammers, which block signal within about 50 feet,  or by using a fake cell tower or spoofer, with one brand called a Stingray.  The jammers simply jam signal within a certain radius.  Spoofers trick cell phones into connecting to them.  Both of these can steal phone data that makes it easier to jam signal on that phone in the future. For that reason, if you think you have been jammed or spoofed, you may want to trade phones and/or sim cards. 

Avoid jammers and spoofers:  A jammer or spoofer may be stationary and meant to stop signal of whoever is there.  One main way to avoid this is to move away from it by about 50 feet.  A jammer or spoofer may also be carried through a crowd, probably in a backpack. Watch who is around you.  If you are being tagged by someone, ditch that person and see if your signal improves.  Go places where it becomes obvious if you are being followed. Move quickly.  Be agile.   

Other tricks: Change elevations – get up higher.  Or hold your phone up above your head.  Another trick is to carry a doubled piece of thick aluminum foil (the thicker kind sold for barbecues) about 12 inches square and hold it up behind and draping below your phone.  Leave the top of your phone free and clear.  This can work if the jammer/ spoofer is behind you.  If you see a person jockeying for position as you do this, that may be the person carrying the jammer/ spoofer.  Some people say there is no way to "jam the jammer," but in reality, people in prisons do so all the time using sheets of aluminum foil and other simple methods.  

NEVER announce what equipment or services you are using.    

AVOID clicking on unknown sites or downloading apps.  Even seemingly harmless apps may contain tracers or install commands onto your phone.  If you want a safe phone for streaming, don’t use it to also surf the web.  OR use a camera with wifi that is not a phone at all. 




• City-County Parks require scheduling and reservations.

• Protests or Demonstrations on public property or rights-of-way that may have 50 or more participants require a Picketing Notice to CMPD (this is NOT a permit, only a notification to ensure the City has adequate police resources are available)

• The use of amplified sound equipment, including bullhorns, requires an Amplified Sound Permit.

Charlotte Protest Planning and Guide:

NEW LAWS  in Charlotte: Charlotte just passed laws limiting where “picketing” can take place, requiring permits for many protests, and prohibiting camping in many locations.  it is also illegal now to chain yourself together or to any object.  It’s also illegal to throw any noxious substance, block a street or sidewalk, cross a police line or barricade, or make a bonfire.  

 Charlotte also has new picketing rules:

 AND have fun! 

Any ideas or suggestions, please email OccupyPeace@gmail.com