Oakland: Seed Pods and 8 Felonies. A set-up?

Oakland: Seed Pods and 8 Felonies.  A set-up?
by Sue Basko

Update:  This is a comment from: http://hellaoccupyoakland.org/how-a-seedpod-led-to-400000-bail-and-eight-felony-charges/  Govinda, who was arrested,  thanks Kevin Seal for writing such a good article about his plight, and tells of the great work by his lawyer in getting the ridiculous charges reduced. And -- I'm still asking - Who were the two girls?

Thank you for writing this wonderful article. About me. To update you…. I’m free. My wonderful Pro-bono lawyer Howard Williams, got my charges reduced to one misdemeanor assault. And I took the deal. So, I’ll have probation for 3 years, which is not So bad.
Anyways…..hope to see you all at GA tomorrow.

A story out of Oakland has it that a man named Govinda was at the January 28, 2012 protest that resulted in hundreds of arrests.  Govinda's mother says that he told her that at the protest, he met two girls.  Police were firing tear gas.  Govinda showed seed pods he had in his hand to the girls.  He threw the small seed pods at a police line, was arrested, charged with 8 felonies, and is being held for $400,000 bail.  Now he wonders where the two girls are.  I think the "two girls" are probably undercover law enforcement agents.  

Please CLICK HERE to read the excellent story written by Kevin Seal, a songwriter and musician.


 Did Govinda ever throw things at the police before?  Or did the "two girls" encourage him to throw things, perhaps by flirting with him or daring him?  If that is the case, the "two girls" are probably "two undercover law enforcement officers" of some sort.

WHY is this probably the case?  Mom says her son has been to many protests.  She says  an undercover officer at a recent protest tried to spook her son by saying his name and address.  Govinda was a prime target for set-up.  So "two girls," which is every man's delight -- show up near him at a protest, talking with him. What did they say?  Did they ask him to throw something?  Did they flirt and make it seem like they would like him better if he threw something? Did they make it seem like he was their hero if he threw things?   He throws seed pods, and 8 police officers file felony reports.   The reports were being given special attention - with IMPORTANT written across the top.   Where are the "two girls"?

I try very hard to warn protesters about this sort of thing.  ANYONE who urges you to throw anything at a protest is most likely an undercover law enforcement agent or infiltrator of some sort.  We have a right to protest, but we do not under any circumstances have the right to throw anything at anyone. 

NEVER throw ANYTHING at a protest.   Strongly question the motives and real job  of anyone who tries to get you to throw anything or who comes up with a philosophy on why you should throw things or who makes fun of or labels those who warn you not to throw things.  Never, for any reason, throw anything at a protest.