I Don't Mind Being Poor, Anymore

 I Don't Mind Being Poor, "Anymore"
by Guy Guy 

Just got this email:

Hi Sue,

I've been reading up on protesting in your blog for a while now - this is a great resource for someone like me, a young activist.  I had been inspired as a musician to write about this movement, and thought you might be interested to hear that yesterday I released my first solo single on YouTube, and it has been getting a great reaction. I go by Guy Guy, and the music is bare-bones, toe-tapping, sing-a-long folk/country. I will be raising funds through kickstarter soon for a full-length record to be recorded in an abandoned hotel in rural Quebec this summer.  I will also be working with great producers and renowned folk musicians, including my father,  a former staple in the Philadelphia folk community. I am known as a drummer throughout the Philly scene, and this is my debut as a songwriter.

The song addresses the serious issue of American poverty in a satire designed to empower newly-impoverished folks. The concept for the accompanying video is a statement on technocracy, physical locations of the poor, and the impermanence of wealth.  The values of the song speak to the Occupy Movement's messages, but in an empowering and positive light, as opposed to the embittered and aggressive, almost-reactionary tone of some factions of the movement. It was recorded in Montreal, QC and mastered by acclaimed mastering-tech Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, Beck, etc.).

Thanks very much for listening, and if you had any questions about the song, please feel free to contact me.  Keep on blogging, I love the posts!


Guy Guy