Oakland Police Department
Crowd Dispersal Policy

Oakland Police Department Crowd Dispersal Policy
by Sue Basko

The Oakland Police Department Crowd Control Policy from 2005 is highly informative information for the public and/or protesters.  Occupy Protesters in Oakland have said police badges were covered.  I personally have seen live video, taken on a tense night at Occupy Oakland, of  projectiles being aimed and shot from the police line at people who were doing nothing.  There is also the situation where Scott Olsen was injured by a projectile, possibly a "flashbang," being thrown at his head, reportedly from the police line.  That was followed by a police officer shooting what appear to be exploding projectiles of some sort at people assisting Olsen. 

Please download and read the report and see what you think.  It is possible the policies have been updated since 2005.  I doubt they could have been updated so much as to allow what has happened.   This report should be very educational for protesters, helping you see yourself as  the police see you.   

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