Top 7 Things That Get People Arrested at a Protest
aka How to Not Get Arrested

Top 7 Things That Get People Arrested at a Protest
aka How to Not Get Arrested
by Sue Basko

Getting Arrested:
Activist Lawyers are always telling people what to do if they are arrested at a protest. Most people prefer not to get arrested to begin with. From my observation, the top 7 things that get people arrested at a protest demonstration are:

1) Stepping into the street when there is no permit to do so. This is the #1 thing that gets protesters arrested.  If you don't have a permit to be in the street, stay on the sidewalk and cross on the walk light. Also keep in mind that when you interfere with traffic, you may be endangering the lives of bicyclists who are riding in that traffic.
Note: If a protest has many people, often it will take to the streets even if there is no permit. The police are supposed to accomodate a peaceful protest and will often allow a protest to be in the streets if it will not fit on the sidewalk.  Pay attention to what is going on to help make your own decisions on what you do.

2) Blocking the sidewalk so others cannot pass.

3) Blocking or getting too close to a doorway or staircase to a building.

4) Making too much noise without a permit or at the wrong times/ places. Almost any megaphone usage violates sound ordinances in any city, so if you don't have a permit for your event or a sound permit, don't use one. Noise ordinances in Los Angeles are very detailed and geared to quiet. Click here to read about some of the Los Angeles sound ordinances, though there are more that pertain to parks.

5) Damage to public or private property, including hanging banners or signs on buildings, poles or trees, writing on buildings or walks, climbing trees, standing on benches, touching or harming vehicles, writing with marker on anything you do not personally own, etc.

6) Not following reasonable orders or instructions from the police or other officials.

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