Encyclopedia Dramatica and Doxbin: What are They?

Encyclopedia Dramatica and Doxbin: What are they?  

Encyclopedia Dramatica and Doxbin are two different, but interrelated, websites that sociopaths use to harm their victims. Posting another person's name or information onto either site is a crime under U.S. Cyberstalking law and many other laws. The US DOJ strongly hinted it will soon be prosecuting such websites in its strongly worded indictment in the Corey Turner case, which elaborated the wrongdoings of "Anonymous" including: "doxing," that is, publicly disclosing online a victim's personal identifying information, such as the victim's name, address, social security number, email addresses or accounts, and personal telephone numbers, with the object of, among other things, intimidating the victim or subjecting the victim to harassment." The US DOJ recently closed down several other extortion sites and closed down an overseas server used for obscenity, and charged those running the sites or servers with violations of CFAA, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. 

What is Encyclopedia Dramatica? Encyclopedia Dramatica is a website run by sociopaths for criminal purposes. Those using the site use it to stalk, harass, endanger, defame, coerce, extort, and seriously harm their victims. They do so by posting the victims' names and personal information, often along with defamatory materials or photos. The website contains shocking obscenity. It is illegal for anyone to post anyone else's name or information on such a site. It is a crime to connect any person's name or reputation with obscenity or pornography without their specific written permission. The site posts outlandish defamation and ridicule of its victims, most of whom seem to be good people who have run afoul of the rotten criminals who run and use the site. In other words, Encyclopedia Dramatica is bad people attacking good people and trying to ruin their lives or even have them killed. The site's underlying purposes of extortion, financial extortion, coercion, and harassment add another layer of serious crime.

 What kind of people use Encyclopedia Dramatica? As far as I have seen, the users are deranged sociopaths who find shocking obscenity acceptable and who are so deep into criminality that they think nothing of harming their innocent victims. They are people who think defaming and cyberstalking others is fun. They are deeply sick criminal-minded people. They are not people from one group. Some may be in the uglier sectors of Anonymous, the hacking group. Others are in Rustle League, an antisemitic online hate gang, or GNAA (Gay Niggers Association of America), a group of whites that try to pose racial hate against Blacks as being hip or fun. In other words, antisocial, hate-filled criminals. The site is used to extort, coerce, shame, humiliate and harass -- all of which are illegal under Cyberstalking and other laws.

At the sentencing of Andrew Auernheimer aka Weev, the racist, antisemitic computer hacker, the prosecutor told a pathetic story of how Weev used Encyclopedia Dramatica to destroy the lives of his victims.  The story was of a man begging to have his name and photos taken off the site, and  Weev demanding a high extortion payment. The story is pathetic, but it is more pathetic still that Weev has a fan club of groupies. More pathetic still is that the U.S. government has not yet closed down this extortion mill that has destroyed the lives and livelihoods of so many innocent victims.

 One example of an Encyclopedia Dramatica user is a woman who uses the names "T----- K--- and "T---- R-----" and uses the twitter handles @an----- and @T----. She lives in Arizona and claims to be a paralegal. I do not know this woman, nor she me, and we have had no interaction. She is a stalker who for months posted about the internet that I was "not a real lawyer." That, of course, is defamation per se. Then, she began posting links to something "about" me on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Posting anything about me onto such a website is in and of itself a crime. When she was sent Do Not Contact notices, she continued to post her cyberstalking harassment. This same woman posts shockingly obscene photos on her Twitter account. They are pictures of the sort that make normal people wince and turn away. (These same photos are on the Encyclopedia Dramatica site.) In a nutshell, this is an extremely dangerous, depraved cyberstalker. This woman's boyfriend is a well-known cyberstalker and troll, who has bragged many times about computer crimes, such as pirating software made by a well-known internet user, DOSing, and cyberstalking victims. What sort of paralegal is deeply involved in harming others on the internet, in depravity, obscenity, etc? (Her names and handles have been withheld because investigation is pending.)

 My Experience with Encyclopedia Dramatica and Doxbin: My own experience with Encyclopedia Dramatica is as one might expect in dealing with entrenched, organized criminals. They are involved in sickening obscenity and in lying about other people. They set out to harm other people. They have threatened to harm me, to destroy me online, and to kill me, in a highly detailed death threat. They have extorted me and demanded extortion money. They have posted defamation "about" me onto their obscene website and when asked to remove it, have ridiculed and said they were posting more defamation and lies. These are extremely bad people, morally bankrupt. I can name their names and have tons of evidence, but that is in the hands of the FBI and I will let law enforcement deal with these criminals.

 What Crimes are Involved? As a licensed attorney with much advanced education in Computer Crime law, my opinion is that posting anything about another person onto Encyclopedia Dramatica, posting any link to the materials on the site, posting or copying the obscene photos, and participating as an admin or running the server of the site are all crimes. It is also my opinion that anyone running, serving, linking to, or participating in the site can be held criminally liable for any crimes that happen to any of the victims, as conspirators. I think this also reflects the prosecution trends of the US DOJ at this time.

 Who Runs Encyclopedia Dramatica? That is not known to me. But you can see in the photo up top, Brian Zaiger of the Boston area has fairly recently claimed to be the "Global Administrator Encyclopedia Dramatica." Look what else he says he belongs to- the antisemitic cyberstalker gang Rustle League and the racist white group that mocks Blacks and calls itself GNAA or "Gay Niggers Association of America." He has a diversified portfolio of hate.

Please note that I have asked Brian Zaiger specifically to remove all mention of me from Encyclopedia Dramatica, and even explained that the posting my name on a site with repugnant obscenity is illegal. Brian Zaiger's reaction? Sadistic mockery, proclaiming his right to cyberstalk and defame others.

 What is Doxbin? Doxbin is a website that allows users to deposit the name and personal identifying information of victims for the purpose of opening the victims up to an array of crimes, including fraud, bank theft, identity theft, harassment, stalking, rape, assassination. The site encourages the users to post all material, no matter how criminal. The information is put onto the deep web/ tor, so that it is used by the criminals who inhabit that netherworld. Those running the site try to instill fear by telling victims they are being put on a "proscription list," where their names and information will be made specially available to murderers and thieves. Congratulate me - these psychopaths say they have put my name on such a list.

 What Crimes are Involved? Posting info of another person onto Doxbin is a crime of cyberstalking in and of itself. The people running Doxbin have also allegedly threatened people with death and harm and have also allegedly created a "proscription list" to encourage other criminals to specially victimize those on the list. As a licensed attorney with much advanced education in Computer Crime law, my opinion is that posting anything onto Doxbin is a crime and that using Doxbin to get information on others is a crime, as is running the site. It is also my opinion that any person who posts information onto Doxbin can be held criminally liable for any crime that happens to that person, as part of Conspiracy, as can those running the site. I think this also reflects the prosecution trends of the US DOJ at this time. 

What Else To Be Aware Of: The Encyclopedia Dramatic website is set up to download things onto the computers of visitors. The downloads begin automatically and almost surely are malware. That is why I have not included a link to the site. My advice to the curious: DO NOT GO THERE.

 EXTRA NOTE: How Did I Become A Target of these Hate Groups? The law enforcement people I speak with ask how I became a target of this malicious bunch. I became a target of the hate group Rustle League and its associates a year and three months ago, when I started giving help to a man who has mental illness, after he was arrested. The man had been a call-in guest a few times on the Vince in the Bay BlogtalkRadio show.  The show was inhabited by the immature and antisemitic Rustle League members. Led by their leaders Jaime Cochran (also known as Asshurtmacfags), who has appeared on television bragging about harming others with cyberstalking and who co-hosted the shows with Vince Tocce, and a malicious person who calls himself Shmoop, the group began to viciously attack me with shocking antisemitic slurs, slurs against the mentally ill man, attacks against my legal practice, etc. This turned into massive attacks against me by the group and its associates and followers.

 I have never met or spoken with any of those attacking me. I have had no dealings with them, other than being attacked by them. These are not people who have been harmed in any way whatever by me, they are simply evil people.

These Rustle League people engaged in a whole massive series of attacks against me, including posting lies accusing me of major crimes, stalking, death threats, a bomb threat, extortion, creating obscene and vulgar videos and pictures using my nice photos, vulgar and antisemitic impersonation Twitter accounts and  Facebook accounts, impersonation blogs, hacking accounts, illegally posting of personal information, theft, fraud, identity theft, terrorizing phone calls, constant barrages of denigrating Twitter posts aimed at me by hundreds of sock puppet and troll accounts, BlogTalk Radio shows where lies and hate smears against me were stated by guests or in the chat room, and on and on.

 The Rustle League is closely connected to Doxbin and Encyclopedia Dramatica and the death threats, extortion and defamation by these two sites is simply a continuation of the year and a half of disgusting hate crimes.

 The gist of the hate is antisemitic: that I am a Jew who helps "crazy" people. Ironically, I am Irish Catholic and yes, I do help those in need.

 I know this sounds a bit confusing. The actions of hate groups often do confound. These are people without morals, without decency, without normal standards of right and wrong, who have sunk totally into depravity and social sickness. I think people should be alarmed at this virulent strain of hate popping up at this juncture in history. Especially alarming are that this group has apologists who think of this type of hate as ironic, hip, fun, pretend, etc. Take my word for it as a victim, their hate is deadly.