Aaron Socio Update May 1, 2013

All Life is One, by Aaron Socio.

Aaron Socio Update May 1, 2013
by Sue Basko

There is excellent news about Aaron Socio/ Corey Turner, the internet peace activist who was arrested on Thanksgiving Day, 2012.  Aaron/ Corey has been offered mental health care instead of  ongoing court cases, and he has accepted the offer.  He is expected to be in mental health care for about 6 months and then return to his family and loved ones in Ohio and Georgia.  They await him so eagerly.

It's been a long strange trip these past five months.  I have gotten to know Aaron/ Corey's parents, his lovely girlfriend in Georgia, the wonderful artist he lived with, his uncle and cousin, his business partners and friends.  All of them have reached out to help form a support team saying Aaron/ Corey needs mental health care, not prison.  Finally, our prayers have been answered and this good thing, this justice, is happening.  The Judge in this case used his wisdom, assigned Corey for an evaluation, and is allowing Corey's real needs to be met.

Please note that Aaron/Corey was never in any legal trouble before this and he has no history of violence of any kind.  He has a good heart.  He just got a bit mixed up in reaction to a very serious and sad life event.  Corey has a wonderful family that loves him dearly.   He has owned successful businesses.  He is a good person. 

Please say a prayer or send your positive energy for Aaron/ Corey's healing. Thank you.