Occupy Santa Rosa Permit Conditions

Occupy Santa Rosa Permit Conditions
by Sue Basko

The City Council of Santa Rosa, California, voted November 10, 2011, to grant permits so Occupiers could camp on the City Hall lawn.  The permits are limited to 100 tents.   Each permit is good for 15 days and is renewable.  The Occupiers cleaned up their camp and have agreed to be more selective in who is allowed to join, as the encampment had become troubled with drug users and crime, as have many other Occupy locations.

Many of the conditions required on these permits, such as no smoking, drinking, drug use, dogs, fires, cooking, or glass containers, are identical to the existing law in other places, such as Los Angeles City Hall Park.   Those laws are contained in the Los Angeles Municipal Code and are not part of any permit process, but rather, are the standard laws affecting everyone who uses Los Angeles parks.

The Occupy Santa Rosa permits have these conditions: 

Every adult camper has to give the city his or her name.
Every tent owner has to get a separate permit and a tag to be affixed to the tent.
Tents need to be contained to the two northern lawns of City Hall.
Tents must be 20 feet away from buildings, and spaced at least five feet apart.
Each tent must be limited to four campers.
No pets except service dogs allowed.
No cooking, open fires, generators, space heaters or storage of flammable material such as propane.
No smoking, drinking, drug use or glass bottles.
All trash must be removed from the site.
No digging, trenching or disturbing landscaping.
No disruption of City Hall operations or nearby businesses.
Campers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.